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Partner-Country-flag  Ciaotech (PNO Group)
Partner Short Name: CTECH
Address & phone
Via Cassia, 834 F 00189 - Roma - Italy
Phone: +39 06 33268972
Contact: Maria Bianco
Contact: Barbara Bendaoud
Brief Description of Organization:

CiaoTech S.r.l. is a company specialised in Technology Transfer and Grant Consultancy services and member of the PNO Consultants Group. PNO ( is a leading independent consultancy in 13 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom. PNO Consultants has 425 employees, 335 of them consultants. Ciaotech supports its clients in analysing needs, defining projects, selecting partners for national and international grant projects and supports the whole development process of innovative business ideas and proposals, towards regional, national and European grant programmes.
Ciaotech as a company of the PNO Consultants Group builds competitive advantage by being the best partner for organisations in using grants for matching strategic objectives of public authorities with those of stakeholders in society. PNO companies supports industries, Public Administration and research organisations Europe wide in the definition and implementation of their innovation strategies, through the development of EU and national R&D projects, the exploitation and dissemination of advanced technologies, the setting up of international technology transfer networks and knowledge sharing communities.

Main Tasks attributed under Work Packages:

The PNO team will be complemented with grant experts from PNO offices in the EU sea-bordering countries who will contribute to prepare the benchmark study on the national policies (fiscal and financial incentives) at the regional and national level: PNO Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the Netherlands (total additional 9 offices).