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Partner-Country-flag  Energy research Centre of the Netherlands
Partner Short Name: ECN
Address & phone
Westerduinweg 3, 1755 LE Petten - The Netherlands
Phone: +31 224 56 4949
Contact: Bernard Bulder
Contact: Jan Pierih
Brief Description of Organization:

The unit ECN Wind Energy is part of the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN); an independent market oriented knowledge centre for energy research and development with approximately 600 staff. ECN's mission is to develop knowledge and technology and bring those to the market. With 48 staff the unit ECN Wind Energy holds a strategic position between universities and industry covering all relevant wind energy disciplines. ECN's activities range from long term and more fundamental research to high-level consultancy for industry.

Main Tasks attributed under Work Packages:

Task leader of WP3, contributions from previous studies on WP2 and WP4.