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Partner-Country-flag  Instalaciones Inabensa, S.A.
Partner Short Name: INABENSA
Address & phone
Calle de Manuel Velasco de Pando, 7 - 41007 Sevilla - Spain
Contact: Cristina Huertas
Brief Description of Organization:

Inabensa is a subsidiary company of Abengoa. Abengoa (23,000 employees) is an industrial and technological company providing solutions for sustainable development, for the information and knowledge society and for infrastructure creation. It promotes innovation as a valuable asset and source of sustained growth.
Inabensa took the responsibility of the activities associated with electrical installations, being these activities the pioneering ones of Abengoa, S.A., since it was established in 1941. Today, Inabensa belongs to the Engineering and Industrial Construction business group. It has technical staff employed in engineering and R&D and develops its activities in industrial engineering, construction and maintenance, and infrastructure markets in industry, energy, transport services and communication sectors. Inabensa provides services at national level all over Spain, as well as at an international level, including permanent presence in places like France, Portugal, China, Morocco, India, Latin America and Abu-Dhabi.

Main Tasks attributed under Work Packages:
  • input on the analysis of environmental and legislative data,
  • collection of environment/ legislative data,
  • classification of the areas based on the type of platform to be developed
  • input on the benchmark study of the national policies and the investment opportunities in the 3 areas
  • technical aspects of grid connection and grid integration of deep offshore farms