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Partner-Country-flag  Lyse Produksjon AS
Partner Short Name: LYSE
Address & phone
Breiflåtveien 18 Mariero - 4017 Stavanger - Norway
Phone: 05973 // 51 90 80 90
Contact: Mette Kristine Kanestrøm
Brief Description of Organization:

Lyse Produksjon AS is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Lyse Energi AS. Lyse Energi AS is an energy and telecommunication company owned by 16 municipalities in the Rogaland County. Lyse Produksjon AS owns hydro-electric power plants and is responsible for power production management. Lyse Produksjon AS is also focusing on onshore and offshore wind as a major priority area and has 15% ownership share in the floating wind turbine company SWAY.

Main Tasks attributed under Work Packages:

Today, there exist no regulations for offshore wind parks on the Norwegian continental shelf. The Norwegian Government is currently working, without a deadline, on regulation and framework for deep offshore renewable power. Lyse is somewhat influencing this work. In order for Lyse to succeed in the deep off-shore renewable energy sector it is important for Lyse to understand and contribute to the technology state of art as well as the European economical and legislative framework for deep offshore renewable technology.
Being a partner in this project is therefore relevant for Lyse.