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Partner-Country-flag  Offshore Wave Energy Ltd
Partner Short Name: OWEL
Address & phone
Tamaris House - Lezant - Launceston - Cornwall PL15 9PP - UK
Phone: +44 (0) 870 1121813
Contact: Chris George
Brief Description of Organization:

Offshore Wave Energy Ltd (OWEL) was formed in 2001 to investigate and develop a patented wave energy device, which traps and compresses the air in successive wave troughs. The compressed air is accumulated in a reservoir for use in driving a turbine. The devices are designed to be installed on large, concrete, floating platforms, moored in offshore sea areas.
The initial Feasibility Study was been followed in 2004/2005 by a first development phase supported by a Carbon Trust grant and by contributions from OWEL partners. OWEL is now carrying out a further development programme supported by a SWRDA grant and this will culminate in the design of a “Near Full Scale” prototype which will be tested at sea.

Main Tasks attributed under Work Packages:
  • WP3: Contribute information on existing ocean energy technology as developed by OWEL to date, Also to assist with the analysis of other ocean energy technologies.
  • WP4: Provide information on the potential for hosting wind turbines on floating wave energy platforms, with special reference to the OWEL “Grampus” platforms.
  • WP5: To assist with the production of integrated strategies and road maps, particularly for the integration of wave energy devices and offshore wind turbines.