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Partner-Country-flag  RINA Industry S.p.A.
Partner Short Name: RINA
Address & phone
Via Corsica, 12 - 16128 Genova - Italy
Phone: +39 010 53851
Contact: Diego Vannucci
Contact: Carlo Mastrogiorgio
Brief Description of Organization:

RINA INDUSTRY S.p.A., a Joint Stock Company fully owned by RINA Spa, was set up in 1995 by its parent company to meet the need for qualified technical assistance in the petrochemical sector and linked industries. The Company’s aim is to offer a range of services matching the renowned standard of efficiency - in terms of skills, fairness and reliability - shown by RINA throughout its 140-year life. Over the years, RINA INDUSTRY’s scope has been expanded, to cover different market industries, such as shipping, power plants, civil engineering, logistics and transport operators, consumer goods manufacturers, and with the addition of further high added value services.
Today, RINA INDUSTRY is an essential partner for many public and private companies, collaborating closely with them to provide technical assistance in the field of engineering, for the procurement of materials and construction of plants and for the training of specialized personnel. The range of qualified services offered is large and compound: from workshop inspections to technical supervision in the yard, from the drawing up of quality control plans and technical specifications on materials, components and equipment to technical audits at suppliers and their qualification; risk assessment services and security services; finally, seminars and tailor-made training courses on quality, safety, security, environmental management systems, welding and NDT, based on the needs of individual clients, are also supplied.

Main Tasks attributed under Work Packages:

WP2 – Resource characterisation, Environmental impact and legislative framework

  • wind statistics, wave spectra, ocean currents, temperatures
  • bathymetry, seabed morphology and geology
  • existing and planned use - marine spatial planning

WP3 – Analysis and benchmark of current technology and industrial state of the art in the sectors of offshore wind, ocean energy and oil and gas

  • State of technology including demonstration and state of research
  • Far offshore ocean renewable energy technologies
  • Existing structures for offshore wind and other OREC
  • Monopile, Tripod, Jackup, Gravitation foundations
  • Offshore deep water structure review: Guyed tower, Tension leg, Spar, Floating jacket (e.g. Tri-Floater), Barrage
  • Moorings
  • Effects from the motion of devices (such as pitch. role, heave)
  • Grid connection and grid integration of offshore farms for floating platforms: flexible cables, Subsea Switchgears (e.g. Wavehub, OPT)
  • Structural Design, Modelling and Simulation
  • Design codes (oil and gas, offshore wind, others..)
  • Liaison with IEA Wind IA Annex 23 and IEC