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Partner-Country-flag  Wave Energy Centre
Partner Short Name: WavEC
Address & phone
Av. Manuel da Maia, nº 36, r/c Dto., 1000-201 Lisboa (Portugal)
Phone: +351 21 848 2655
Contact: Ana Brito e Melo
Brief Description of Organization:

The Wave Energy Centre (WavEC) is a private non-profit association created in 2003 devoted to the development and promotion of offshore energy utilization thorough technical and strategic support to companies and public bodies. Currently formed with 15 associates (industrial and public) both Portuguese and foreign, willing to develop wave energy and recognizing the need for more cooperation both on National and International level. WavEC was created to help overcome the lack of clear structures with respect to offshore energy implementation in the large scale, as well as deficient information on decision-makers and the general public with respect to the potentially and actual status of offshore energy.
WavEC renders services to entities that intend to explore the attractive natural and legal conditions of Portugal for testing and demonstration of offshore energy technologies. Further, the Centre co-ordinates or participates in several European funded R&D projects, as e.g. Wavetrain2, CORES, Equimar, WavePlam, SOWFIA. The most valuable asset of WavEC is the 400 kW OWC pilot plant (Azores), providing important field experience and monitoring activities to the centre's staff and invited researchers.

Main Tasks attributed under Work Packages:

WavEC participates in the discussion and compilation of information related with Resources & policies (WP2), Synergies & future concepts (WP3) and Technologies state of the art (WP4)