Welcome to the ORECCA Project! Welcome to the ORECCA Project!

The goals of the ORECCA project (Off-shore Renewable Energy Conversion platforms – Coordination Action) are to create a framework for knowledge sharing and to develop a roadmap for research activities in the context of offshore renewable energy that are a relatively new and challenging field of interest. In particular, the project will stimulate collaboration in research activities leading towards innovative, cost efficient and environmentally benign offshore renewable energy conversion platforms for wind, wave and other ocean energy resources, for their combined use as well as for the complementary use such as aquaculture e.g. biomass and fishes and monitoring of the sea environment e.g. marine mammals, fish and bird life. The objectives of the ORECCA project are to:

  1. improve the information exchange and promotion of specific research cooperation in this field between academia and industry, public and private actors;
  2. create an efficient and focused framework for knowledge sharing;
  3. involve and stimulate all the relevant stakeholder groups in Europe to define the framework for future exploitation of renewable energy sources in the offshore;
  4. develop roadmap studies for the research, deployment and regulatory activities in the field of offshore renewable energy.
ORECCA Project infos ORECCA Project infos

In this section you can download the ORECCA Project infos, short documents that present the progress and the results of the project:


ORECCA web-GIS is now available online. This application allows to navigate and to get geographically distributed information about offshore renewables resources in the European seas. The description of the implemented information and the main functionalities of the application are available through the INFO button in the website.


ORECCA final reports ORECCA final reports

The final reports of the ORECCA project are available for download in the Documents section (no registration is required).

ORECCA Roadmap ORECCA Roadmap

Roadmap cover

The ORECCA project is pleased to publish the EU offshore Renewable Energy Roadmap.

The document represents for the first time a combined roadmap developed for the offshore wind, wave and tidal stream energy sectors, focussed on the synergies, opportunities and barriers to development.

ORECCA workshops
2nd public workshop: 7-8 June 2011

workshop logoThe second public ORECCA workshop “Outlining the Vision for Future Renewable Energy Conversion Platforms in Europe” organised by the project consortium was held on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th June 2011 in Milan, Italy.


1st public workshop: 4-5 November 2010

workshop logoThe first public ORECCA workshop “The potential for Energy Conversion Platforms in Europe: resources, technologies” organised by the project consortium was held on Thursday 4 and Friday 5th November 2010 in The Hague, Netherlands.

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EWEA "Deep Water" report

In July 2013 EWEA published a "Deep Water" report, investigating the offshore wind market potential, upcoming deep offshore wind designs and the key challenges of deep offshore technologies.

For more information:
EWEA Deep Water report

EWEA Offshore 2013 early bird registration open now!
EWEA Offshore 2013 early bird registration open now!
Frankfurt, Germany

The EWEA Offshore 2013 is getting closer and early bird registration is now open. The world’s largest offshore wind energy conference and exhibition takes place for the first time in Frankfurt, Germany, from November 19th to 21st and aims to provide the latest information, predict trends, showcase cutting-edge innovations and connect key industry and political players.

For more information:
EWEA Offshore 2013

Save the date: ICOE 2012 on October 17th to 19th, 2012
Save the date: ICOE 2012 on October 17th to 19th, 2012
Dublin, Ireland

The 4th International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE 2012) is getting closer. ICOE 2012 themes are Ocean Power Generation Technologies, Performance and Environmental Issues, Marine Renewable Energy Economics and Policies, Device Components and Deployment, Operation and Maintenance.

For more information:
ICOE 2012

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Dublin, Ireland, October 17th - 19th, 2012

Results of the ORECCA project will be presented at the 4th International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE), taking place from October 17th to 19th in Dublin, Ireland. Visit the Fraunhofer IWES/IT Power stand.

For more information:
ICOE 2012 exhibitors

Washington D.C., USA, April 24th - 26th, 2012

The ORECCA project was successfully presented at the 5th Annual Global Marine Renewable Energy Conference (GMREC), taking place from April 24th to 26th in Washington D.C.

For more information:
GMREC 2012