W.P. 1 - Project management W.P. 1 - Project management
Work Package number: 1 Starting date: 1st Month of the Project

Partners participating in the Work Package as Task leaders or additional partners:

Partner-country-flag  Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (FPM)

The aims of this WP are:

  • the coordination and management of all activities, communication, internal and external flow of information, provision of the deliverables,
  • assessment and reporting on the progress made (for partners and EC)
  • development and application of risk mitigation strategies and a application a contingency plan

throughout the whole project in order to achieve the project and WP objectives complete and in time.

Description of work:

This is the overall management and delivery of the project. IWES propose that they carry out this work. This includes the following topics.

  • Project Management
  • Progress assessment of the individual work packages and the project as a whole
  • Coordination
  • Reporting
  • Chair of steering committee

The management work package includes management activities for both the economical and technical aspects. It also manages the interactions between the EC and the consortium partners and also among themselves. In order to provide efficient operations, a steering committee will be setup formed by the coordinator and the WP leaders. In addition, task leaders will support the WP leaders in achieving the results and by communicating with the partners and external experts involved. The steering committee will develop strategies to avoid delays and decide on measures to mitigate any delay or risk of failing to achieve the project objectives.


The outcome of this WP will be a smooth management and coordination of project activities, with deliverable realised on time and with the achievement of specific quality standards.
Progress /administrative/technical and financial reports will be provided to the EC.