W.P. 4 - Synergies & future concepts W.P. 4 - Synergies & future concepts
Work Package number: 4 Starting date: 1st Month of the Project

Partners participating in the Work Package as Task leaders or additional partners:

Partner-country-flag  Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy system Technology (IWES)
Partner-country-flag  Ecofys Netherlands BV (Ecofys)

In this WP the technical information provided by previous WPs will be processed so as to devise the possible scenarios of development and penetration of RE platforms in each target area.

Description of work:

The needs for further technological research and better investigation of environmental and social factors affecting the development and penetration will be identified for each target area. In parallel system requirements (e.g. grids, shipyards, harbour infrastructures) will be identified, too, and suggestions for possible strengthening or restructuring of the existing ones will be provided, together with indication of possible approaches and time schedule for optimal penetration of offshore plants, whenever any promising setting in a given area can be outlined. After all existing and demonstrated structural solutions have been identified and analysed in the previous WP, this WP will try to identify synergies on a technical level (in the installation and operation) but also in a non technical level (cost, permits and other).

  • 2nd Workshop: "Outlining the vision for offshore renewable energy conversion platform in Europe"
  • Synergies, innovative designs and concepts for multipurpose use of conversion platforms -report