W.P. 6 - Information management & dissemination W.P. 6 - Information management & dissemination
Work Package number: 6 Starting date: 1st Month of the Project

Work Package Leader:

Partner-country-flag  Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (FPM)

Partners participating in the Work Package as Task leaders or additional partners:

Partner-country-flag  Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE S.p.A. (RSE)
Partner-country-flag  Ecofys Netherlands BV (Ecofys)
Partner-country-flag  European Wind Energy Association ASBL (EWEA)
Partner-country-flag  European Ocean Energy Association (EUOEA)

The project will aim to establish and maintain a regular dissemination channel to stakeholders inside and outside the partnership. Interest groups consisting in three main pools of stakeholder will be identified. They will be the addressees of the dissemination of ORECCA in order to give visibility to the project activities and their outcomes both inside and outside the partnership.

Description of work:

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (FPM) will lead the knowledge management and dissemination work package WP6 and act as the coordinator for all knowledge management and dissemination activities of the project.
These activities will be supported by a virtual Web environment, which will serve as a platform to facilitate discussion among project partners and other stakeholders, to share information and results of research and to disseminate knowledge among project partners and to the wider audience. Several specific tools in the platform will be developed within the project.
This work page can be divided in three main tasks, each of which will have their own leader.

Task 1: Design and Implementation of the Collaboration Web Platform
The objective of the task is to develop the complete web site and the virtual web environment
of the ORECCA project to support in knowledge sharing and collaborative action among
project partners and other stakeholders. It will be lead by FPM.

Task 2: Governance of Virtual Fora
TECHNICAL FORUM (related to WP 3&4): this forum will be the virtual place for discussing the state of the art and the main technical challenges in offshore renewable energy conversion platforms and technologies.
ENVIRONMENTAL AND REGULATORY FORUM (related to WP2): This forum will be the virtual space for discussing the main environmental and regulatory issues related to the testing and deployment of offshore technologies

Task 3: Dissemination Activities
The objective is to promote, coordinate and support communication among relevant stakeholders, both inside and outside the partnership through workshops events and newsletter services to notified and inform about the state of art on ORECCA Project. It will be lead by FPM.

  • Operational website
  • Bimonthly ORECCA Newsletters
  • 1st Workshop: : "The potential for Energy Conversion Platforms in Europe: resources, technologies and state of the market"
  • 2nd Workshop: "Outlining the vision for offshore renewable energy conversion platform in Europe"